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In Montalcino, the Sangiovese Grosso grape variety produces wines

of great stature that speak for a remarkable growing area. Though the overall effect is choral, the individual voices reveal the variety of tone, timbre and modulation typical of soloists. These differences mirror the wide range of soils and microclimates around Montalcino, and the individual approach of particular winemakers.

At Collelceto the soils are so fertile that they tend to produce wines of exceptional concentration. This actually requires careful handling, because radical thinning of the fruit, common in much of the area, would produce wines lacking in balance. Apart from leaving more bunches on the vine, Elia Palazzesi also limits the removal of foliage covering the grapes because he knows that the warm summer winds brought inland along the Ombrone riverbed could burn the skins. However, he also appreciates that in times of excessive humidity, the same phenomenon keeps the vines healthy and free of mould.

To ensure that fermentation is constant and sufficiently protracted in time, Elia has opted for temperature-controlled steel vats. For ageing, on the other hand, he prefers large casks, with only limited use of tonneaux. The aim is to produce wines of distinctive character that are elegant as well as imposing.

Sangiovese Grosso grape in the wineyard